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"It's not the photographer who really does the picture, but the person in front of you who gives a gift. And it's your relationship that makes things come out stronger."


sebastião salgado




"we’re the point people, the first link with reality in a collaborative, journalistic chain. each of us is a single mind, a single sensibility – one pair of eyes and one pair of ears – one heart – moving through the real world in real time, to tell the stories of what happens to people, one-by-one, at the sharp end of history. we navigate dangers, endure hardships and get our hearts broken by what we witness, over and over again, because we believe that peoples’ opinions matter – that our society cannot function properly without the information we provide and without the stories we tell."


james nachtwey




"I am not a social photographer. I am not an economic photographer. I’m not a photojournalist. photography is much more than that. photography is my life. it’s my way of life, and my language. I went to photograph the things that I had a great curiosity to see and to organize. I felt a certain revulsion, and a compulsion to show that others also have dignity, that dignity is not an exclusive property of the rich countries of the north but exists all over the planet. that’s what photography was for me, my language, my life and my way of going about and doing things. I’m a photographer without adjectives, and that is a big privilege."


sebastião salgado




"wer bin ich, wenn ich sage: 'ich will das nicht sehen'? das ist unfair den menschen gegenüber, die das tatsächlich erlebt haben. ein einwand ist, dass es unmoralisch sei, sich diese bilder vom leid anderer menschen anzusehen. ich finde, es ist umgekehrt. es ist unmoralisch, sich diese bilder nicht anzusehen."


christoph bangert




"if your pictures aren’t good enough, you aren’t close enough."


robert cappa





"photography is about finding out what can happen in the frame. when you put four edges around some facts, you change those facts."


garry winogrand


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